Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Is Michael Bay an artist? OH YES HE IS!!!

"What is art? Is it defined by a stringent set of rules and regulations or can each be a master of their own medium? Complaining about the absence of gravitas in a film like Con Air is the same as looking at a work of Miro and saying "That sucks, it's all squiggly!". Every artist has their strengths and styles.

In other words... Terrence Malick couldn't direct a movie about exploding robots to save his life... and if he did, it'd probably take 40 years.

So pull your head out of your ass, sit down, shut up, and eat your awesome." - The Monocular Group.

So to all Michael Bay's naysayers I give you: THE MASTER CLASS TRAILER OF TRANSFORMERS 3

Yeah BABY!!! 

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Party's over... who made this mess?

So Egypt is free. The "Last Pharoah" has been dethroned and the process of de-constructing the spectre that was Mubarak has begun.

I am part of the generation that grew up only ever knowing Mubarak's Egypt. But watching the birth of a new Egypt is proving inspiring in many ways.

After the historic outing of a dictator by peaceful protest, the Egyptian people got up to claim their country. First item on the agenda: clean up.

Egyptians replacing the paving stones that had been used as weapons.

Egyptians cleaning up the streets.

Makeshift "Lost & Found" Stall to help people recover their misplaced belongings.

Tents in Tahrir Square being dismantled 

It's in the little things that we show who we really are, as people... and as a people.

Photos courtesy of the BBC.

Chick Tracts still exist?! Cool!!!

Anyone remember these? Chick tracts! The coolest tracts a comic reader ever had. I used to devour these whenever I could find them. Now I discover they've adapted to the internet age. Cool!

It's a deal!

Creator or Liar?


For more of these go to Chick Tracts right here and get a free embed code for your blog or website.
For artists who want to learn how to use their talent for the LORD watch Jack Chick or click the image.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Interesting, this new "war" between Google and Bing.

I had a dream that Google and Bing had a big fight and I was caught in the middle. I really did... a few days ago. Suddenly I woke up yesterday to the story that Google is accusing Bing of cheating. Fight!

Google revealed recently that it caught Bing copying it's search results. Yep, apparently it's possible. Google engineers ran a sting operation - that's so Miami Vice! - that caught Bing watching what people search for on Google and the sites that these people select from Google’s results. They claim that Bing then uses that information to improve it's own search listings. 

The interesting thing about this is that: Bing doesn’t deny this.

Hunh?! I know this isn't like a school test but shouldn't admitting that you copied get punished? After all, the apparent copying is potentially improving Bing’s relevance in the search wars. Google engineers are calling it the digital equivalent of Bing copying Google’s test papers during a test - ok, so apparently it is like a school test.

Here's Google's "test paper". Notice the misspelled word.

Now here's Bing's "test paper" with the same misspelled word.

Now for a more detailed explanation with all the geek-ese of how Google caught Bing, head over to Searchengineland. The short version is that Google created false links and search results which no-one would ever actually look for or find. So when Bing started to return these same results, Google waved for Teacher

Bing has a perfectly logical explanation why this happened.

Does anyone really care?

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

So I watched the Superbowl...

So I watched my very first Superbowl on sunday. (Disclaimer: I'm Nigerian and have never been to the good ol' U.S of A.)

I figured that with my basic understanding of the workings of American Football (yes, it is AMERICAN Football no matter what the yanks do to market it globally) I should be able to stay awake from 12am  to 4am to watch the most purely American sporting spectacle in the world. Right? 

And I did. What a spectacle! From the awe-inspiring stadium to the celebrities to the actual players to the half-time show it was quite something. For football fans who couldn't be bothered to watch it, imagine the Champions League final with the World Cup Opening Ceremony at half-time and you get an approximation.

I watched the game and rooted for the Steelers to make good on their threatened comeback (what? Everyone roots for the underdog). But Green Bay put up a solid front to hold on and win it in the last minute. Apparently, it was nail-biting stuff.

But from what I hear, the superbowl experience for the at-home viewer is incomplete without seeing the ads. Ads? Yes, the ad(vert)s. Those glitzy, clever and freakishly expensive 30-second commercial intrusions by carmakers and moviemakers et al.

I must admit I was looking forward to the movie ads. Being denied the chance to see Chris Evans unveiled as Captain America was not... uhm.. cool. Let's leave it at that since an analysis of the base futility in staying up late in the hope of watching an advert that was already online for a movie I will see regardless of the ad is not something I wanna get into... ever.

So, since I'm such a generous fellow and I know you probably missed the whole thing - including Christina Aguilera's apparent butchering of the Star Spangled Banner, here's just a few of the Superbowl trailers for the movies I want to see. 

First off... a little (actually, a lot of) Michael Bayhem with Transformers:  

Then the gang's all back together (less Michelle Rodriguez) for Fast Five

And I'm happy that Aaron Eckhardt is (finally) getting his leading man groove on in Battle L.A.

Steven Spielberg and J.J Abrams reveal just a little bit more of Super 8

[(Daniel Craig+Harrison Ford+Olivia Wilde) Cowboys*Aliens]/ Jon Favreau = Full Theaters on July 29

Oh and I almost forgot... I think I like American Football. Deuces.